Completed the game

Back in the days, even though they only had 300x240 pixels to work with, they always succeeded in creating great dual seat experiences. Today, you very seldom see a game that is good at dual seating. Last for me was Little Big Planet, and the technique hasn't changed a bit since Ikari Warriors.

IKARI WARRIRORS title screen

This is one of those typical games, that where influenced by 80's action movies. You play a fierce warrior, much like Arnold in Commando, and you're out in the jungle to wipe out jungle people to reach the village of Ikari.

Strange story, but as in the action movies it really doesn't matter. You're here for the shooting and the awesome music.

Ikari the game

I would lie to myself if I said this is a good game. I do have fond memories of it, and the music sticks to my brain like glue. It does give value when you do a sitting with a friend, trying to get further and further into the game without dying.

My rating: 2