I'm not going to say that this game is bad, because it isn't. It is not that I haven't played it enough, or that I don't get it, because I do. I just does not appeal to me.


This game is all about crafting. You go around in the rendered 2D world, gathering components to craft weapons, armor, building blocks for houses, workbench, forges, and so on. You build your vast world and then you fight monsters to keep it.

The problem is that I'm not that into crafting. I need a story that drives me on, and a 'why' to urge me in my exploration. Here is no story, and no why. You have no sense of why you are doing things, besides from what you've seen others on the Internet do.

No, this game does not appeal to me at all. I fought, I tried, but I lost. Sorry.

My rating: 2