Completed the game

Braid is one of those games that gets to you right away. It is enchanting. The music, the world, and the puzzles entangle you until you don't want to stop playing ever.

And then it happens. You get frustrated by a puzzle that you can't wrap your head around and you go out google it to get past that obstacle. Once you did that, you know that you have ruined the experience since you really didn't finish it on your own. You will start googling solutions more often and in the end you're bored and just wants the game to end.

braid art

Some complain that this game is too much art and too little game. I won't agree. This is a perfect puzzle game, and it contains a very deep and touching story. In the end, my mind was blown and I was reading lots of threads on how to interpretate what really happened.

This game is pure genius, and I think that everyone should play it, even if you have to look up the solutions to the puzzles on the Internet, just to get the story.

My rating: 4