Completed the game

I know exactly what made me fall for this game. The explosions where so incredible beautiful I hadn't seen anything like it before. Another thing that struck me was that almost every object in the environment was destructible. You could shoot at anything and it would explode, buckle or get ruined in some way.

This game is 2D with a 3D perspective. When it was made, it weren't possible to make such nice graphics in 3D and that is why 2D suits fine. All the sprites are very well made and the game updates beautifully.

Crusader: No Remorse

The story is told in cut scenes, but cut scenes with real actors like an interactive movie. That is not very common in games today. Instead game developers put lots of effort into rendering a realistic environment and actors - where it probably would be easier just to build a scene and shoot it with a video camera.

This game is quite hard. You start off with a gun and meet lots of enemies and droids that wants to take you down. In most of the rooms, there are security cameras that needs to be shot down before they see you and sometimes you just need to guess where the cameras are, because your perspective doesn't allow you to see them.

The level design is however extraordinary and there are a lot of tools that you can use to your advantage. Shoot some barrels to explode close to an enemy or get them to roll onto your enemy. You can trick droids into drowning themselves, and so on.

One thing that bugs me is the controls that are not 100% responsive. It takes some time getting used to how your Silencer responds to input. I assume that this works much better on the PlayStation that it ever did on PC.

Lovely game! Great story, soundtrack, graphics and totally fun all the way through.

My rating: 5