Completed the game

This game is pretty old by now, but I remember having a lot of fun with it. The setting is much inspired by the movie Scarface where a nobody works his way from the bottom of Miami to the top. Here, Miami is called Vice City.

There was a lot of things to do in this game, as in every GTA game, and I would enjoy just driving around. Most fun are the police chase and trying to achieve as many stars as possible. When having full amount of stars, there're tanks on the street that you can steal and become invincible.


Yeah, this game is all about fun. The story is not 100% and the map is a little to small. You also easily notice that you will never see more than 3 kind of cars at one time. That is a technical limit in the game - so you will never find 1 Porche, but 3 or 10.

There are 3 major islands in this game, and in order to limit the size of the sandbox in the beginning of the game, bridges are cut of and you can't pass over to another island. I think this is to make it easier for first time player, so you don't get lost.

As ever, there are too many missions and you start to get tired of the game before you've completed them all. Otherwise a great game.

My rating: 3