Completed the game

This is a awesome fun little plaformer game. You play as sackboy, a sort of doll that is going to save the world. You run through levels, picking up costumes, stickers and things that you can use later to build your own levels.

The game has a good enough story, but what is excellent with this game is the co-op. I've only played two at once, but it is awesome fun. Some platforming elements are easier when you're two, and some puzzles are specially designed for multiple players. Most often it is a harder game since you keep distracting each other during platforming elements, but it never gets frustrating hard.

There's a lot of fun mini games between the levels, and as my father said - gotta catch them all. It is interesting that this is a game that seems to fit any age. My dad is 63 yo and he plays it with his grandson that is 5. Both are having great fun.

I'm not the kind that enjoys building levels and such, so I don't get any value out of the main part of the game. The story is too short for me, as I finish it in about 10 hours. The mini games gives some replay value, but I can't say that I spent much time in LBP after finishing the story line.

Great game!

My rating: 4