I'm done with this. Not that I've finished more than 25% of the game, but I won't play it anymore. It is not fun.

There was a sale on PSN and I went for a clicking spree, managed to buy this game without the intention of doing so. It was cheap, so it matters little - but when you've bought a game you should play it.

It is bad. It is not horrible, but bad. The story and the characters are totally uninteresting. The gameplay is as bas as it where in these early versions of 3D GTA, and it is mostly fun because I've played so many GTA games and spot cross references from here and there.

This game is hard. Very hard. And I have nothing against hard games, in fact, I love it when they give me a challenge. But this is not fair. Most often I die because the controls didn't respond the way I wanted them to, or I am given totally unfair missions where it is more luck than skill involved if you win or loose.

I'll stop playing now, and I will not finish this game. I gave it a weekend, but sadly this was probably the worst thing I've played this year.

My rating: 2