Completed the game

This was a surprise.

I have not played a good super hero game ever. When they choose to produce a game, alongside a huge blockbuster movie it is always mediocre at best. There are movie producers involved that does not know how to make a game, and the game is essentially only there to bring in more money for the franchise.

Here's an exception. This is a great game. Is is awesome fun to play as Batman and the game is very cleverly made. It continues to introduce new tools and weapons along the way and as soon as you start loosing focus, there is a boss fight or a new thing to play with.

The bosses in this game is great, as they are not just hit and smash, but you have to be clever and use their weaknesses. Moving away when Bane charges and climb up upon his back when he's blinded. All is great fun.

There are two weaknesses about this game. First, fighting is not very interesting. It looks great for a start, but soon you notice that it is too easy. Yes - Batman is a bad ass and able to handle a lot of enemies at the same time, but most of it is button mashing and you need only a little finesse.

The second thing is the Arkham Asylum map, which is great - but after 30 hours you're starting to loose interest of the same corridors and buildings as you've played all the game in. They are filled with new enemies, traps and secrets - but it is not enough. I need a change of scenery now and then.

If you haven't played this, go get it. It is a blast from start to end.

My rating: 4