Completed the game

There are not many games I would call beautiful, but here's one.

The story of Journey is very simple. You make a Journey, and on that Journey you will gather experiences. Is it the Journey or the destination that is the purpose?

This is an extremely philosophical game and it is hard not to stop and start thinking about life, death and fall of civilization. This game tells much without utter a single word.

So the game never tells you what to do. That is what it wants you to believe, but in reality the goal is always clear. It is easy to know what to do, and how to do it - and if you get stuck you always have companions that will show up and lead you on.

Journey uses a sort of multiplayer that I love. It is multiplayer even in the single player mode, meaning that other players will be visible in your game, but their actions will have little or no consequences to your game. In Journey you can simply see where others are going, and how they get around an obstacle, and that is the amount of interaction that multiplayer gives you.

I spent two hours playing through this game, but it was two hours that gave me an experience. I felt richer when the game was done, than I was before I played it. Now I'm going to make my wife play it, and everyone else.

My rating: 5