Completed the game

It is very hard to describe this game, because in its essence, it is no game at all. It is more like a couple of records, with interactive music videos that you play. As you progress through the "game" you build music and the music also progresses. When you near the end of the level, the song begins to end as well.

Is sounds strange and really needs to be experienced. At first you just see some sort of generic indie platform clone with simple graphics, but after a couple of levels you get to understand what this game is really about and its strength. It looks very much like Super Meat Boy, but don't be fooled - they have very little in common.

Because this game is easy. It is not intended to give you much resistance. It is intended to give you a nice music experience, and that does not rhyme well with getting stuck on platforming acrobatics. This game is an experience much more than a game, and it leaves you in a state of happiness.

I have played it both on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, because of the awesomeness of getting the game on both platforms for one price. Sadly, saves does not migrate between the platforms, and I cannot simply play on the Vita and expecting to continue on the PS3.

I would have expected some sort of cooperative game play, where I could play on my Vita and my wife could play on the PS3 at the same time, or just dual play on the PS3. Instead, this game is totally focused on a single player experience.

I have not tried out the level design tool more than the obligatory tutorial that you go through after first level. I'm not that much into building my own content.

This is a great game that is a must have on Vita, or if you're into indie games, music or not your average gaming experience.

My rating: 4