This game is not very hard, it is just all the other games that have gone soft. "Prepare to die" and die you will, but not much more than any other game from the 90's. The gaming industry have gone soft and it is afraid that you will loose interest if you fail more than once in a boss battle. That is primarily why none of todays games feel like an accomplishment. Not like in the good old days.

If you are prepared to die, this is a thrilling rpg in a fantasy setting. The world will spellbind you and it is a nice feeling just going around to the different areas, each occupied by the more amazing creature after another. The game mechanics works well and it is fun to play even if soon start doing the same attack strategy in all encounters and you would wish for some diversity in attach and kill methods.

Even if the game is solid and have a rich lore, From Software are aweful story tellers. There is not much happening in the story at all and you have no true objective until after 40 hours of gameplaywhen you get a quest from a goddess. And here comes the problem. I need a purpose for killing monsters or else I see no reason to push on. While it is fun to play I have no idea why I keep playing as there is nothing to drive me forward. And here we reach another problem. This game does not know when to stop. I've spent 50 hours know and I expect to have about 20-30 hours left. I'm no longer having fun and I don't want to spend so much time on a sole game. So I quit. I won't finish it. Not because i'm stuck but because there is much better way to spend my time.

Graphics are ok, sound is bad. The game has quite alot of bugs that really bugs me, and it is unacceptable that it lags so much in certain parts of the world. (PS3)

Anyway, if you like rpgs and doesn't mind when a game gives you a challenge - give it a go.

My rating: 5