Completed the game

One of the first games I played on my PS3 was this platformer. I didn't play any of the predecessors and I found this game to be extremely good looking and fun to play.

This game is crazy. It is fun because it is so screwed. The weapon arsenal is a delight and the enemies are also fun to fight. Where this game lacks, is in the gameplay that could be a bit more varying. You run around and fight the same fight all over again.

I found the game to be very long, but I'm not sure that it is longer than any other PS3 game. Might be that I was not comfortable with the format, and that's why I found it to be a long game.

Most boring part of this game is the arena fights, where you're set up against enemies of a certain type, and you need to kill them all in order to continue with the main story. I found this to be tedious and boring. Like the developer had to find a cheap way to make the game even longer, when they didn't have to.

Great work here with the environments and the colorful art direction. I wouldn't pick up this game today as it still is not good enough to compete with other titles in the genre.

My rating: 3