Completed the game

I've never played a Hitman game before and was positively surprised. I was expecting a third person action shooter but what I got was a puzzle game.

There are a few details I love about this game. Your score decreases each time you kill. A perfect play through you haven't killed anyone and you haven't been seen at all.

Guns are the last resort. Killing has to be done silently and without getting caught. Guns are just too loud and messy.

The story of this game is great, and really pulls you in, and some of the graphics effects are really cool. I also love the music which sets the stage in a lot of encounters.

I really missed the boss fights, and the game has no real progression in difficulty. Sure the mobs gets harder to kill, but there is no new skill you have to master in order to beat them. You play this game all the way through in pretty much the same way.

Great game! Go get it and play it now.

My rating: 4