Completed the game

The first 15 minutes of this game is this incredible little story about a family getting teared apart by the zombie apocalypse. The rest of this game is template A of third person action adventure.

Well, that is not really true. This game has some qualities. First and foremost is the incredible details in the level design. It really feels like they've put an effort into every scene, and every room and sometimes I just stare in amazement of what kind of effort they've put into rooms that you're just passing through.

As always, Naughty Dog gives us a great scripted action adventure, with an unusually strong story. But, the story is not good enough to fit into even the worst hollywood movie. I guess that is the kind of state that story telling in games really are at. Everything that is going to happen in this game is highly predictable, and unlike other reviewers, I didn't feel emotional at all about it. It's strange because Naughty Dog has done a great job building a tight atmosphere in the game - but I guess the predictability really ruins the moment.

You have the classic, "all alone in the dark" moments. You have mandatory "drag yourself towards a goal while imminent danger is looming over you" and so on. All the third person clich├ęs are there and the only reason Naughty Dog is getting away with it, is that this is remarkably well executed.

Good job!

My rating: 4