Completed the game

GTA will always be GTA. You drive, you shoot, you accidently run over people, you complete a never ending series of missions.

As usual this is a game with a very detailed sandbox, the best ever created. It is like every corner of the world has been specially designed without any thought of reuse as is so common in the genre. The joy of this game is totally in driving around exploring all the details.

As usual the weak parts of this game is its story and characters. Its all so predictable and the story seems like its there just because it is needed order to make a game, and the three main characters are there just to support the story. The real main character is the world they live in anyway.

This is a fun game. It is action right from the start and takes you through some exhilarated moment. Yet I expect more from Rockstar. I expect the unforgettable and they reach but really doesn't get there.

My rating: 3