Completed the game

First person shooters of today hardly suprise. You go from point A to point B and shoot bad guys along the way. This is where Far Cry will suprise you by letting you loose in a sandbox where you're free to go anywhere you want. Instead of following the traditional recipe of FPS games Far cry 3 follows a more traditional RPG where you gather XP, gain levels and new skills, travel around the world getting quests rescuing young maidens in distress.

Again the story of this game surprises where the main character Jason develops a personal attachment to his adversary in his vendetta. The simpleness of Jason Brody compared to the complexity of the bad guy Vaas makes me want the lunatic to win, even if he never was lovedby his mother.

After killing Vaas the game fails to deliver as you continue with hunting the boss of Vaas. This part seems completely unnecessary and only there to lengthen the game. If they would have ended the game with Vaas this might have been perfect and I would never feel the drudge that is always there with these full length AAA titles.

My rating: 4