I fell in love with Elite when I read about Frontier: Elite 2 in a swedish video game magazine called Highscore. This magazine had several pages long article about the upcoming successor of the famous space simulator Elite. I gawed over the pages.

  • 100 Million stars
  • Planetary landing
  • Play as merchant, pirate or bounty hunter

It sounded too good to be true. And then I got the game of my dreams for christmas and I played it for ever and ever.

There were little surprise that I would back the Elite Dangerous kickstart campaign. Imagine what David Braben would accomplish with the technology today, considering what he managed to do with 7 Mhz and 1 Mb RAM.

Starting Elite Dangerous everything is there. You quickly launch from your current space station in a Sidewinder and when the docking pad releases you it really feels like you're in zero gravity in the universe. Once you start exploring the grand scope of the galaxy hits you on the forehead and you stop for a minute in total awe of this game. The simulation of the Milky Way is amazing.

You start doing missions, doing trade runs, shoot down pirates and try to move away from the comfort zone of the starting system. You find that space is very big and also very empty. The place is so big that you rarely meet another player. Even if the game technically is an MMO you spend it mostly playing single.

The next thing that strikes you is that the game is not very gamey. It is more a simulation than a game, even if it has game elements in it. Even after 60 hours of playing you will still stare at the beautiful scenes different solar systems have to offer, but you find yourself doing the same things over and over and over with very little variety.

What happen is that I get bored. I'm easily bored, and when I'm bored I move on. However, Elite Dangerous is a game that has the ability to draw me back, and has done so several times. Every time I come back I gawk at the amazing space simulator it is, and then I quite quickly become bored with the game play again.

But I will come back, I will always come back, no matter how many times I also will get bored and quit this game.

My rating: 4