Part 3

This is the third part where we go beyond the hub area and venture into Lothric.

Spoiler alert: This will spoil all of the first area after the tutorial. I will write about all of it as I see and experience it.

High Wall of Lothric

Fighting on the high walls of Lothric

This first area, when you first come out into the air, it doesn't remind me so much of Undead Burgh from the Dark Souls 1. It doesn't remind me of Forest of Fallen Giants either from Dark Souls 2. What it does feel like is Boletaria from Demon's Souls. I think it has to do Dark Souls 1 & 2 has starting areas that has been deserted for a very long time and has remnants of battle, as where Demon's Souls has a distinct feel that everything went to shit quite recently.

Here we are, at the end of the world. Those people that are left worship the dragons in this place. Hollowed soldiers are raging about trying their best to keep defending their castle even in the afterlife, and you meet these infected hollows that will have a touch of dark, just like Iudix Gundyr in the end of the tutorial.

Inside the wall of Lothric

I think this area is really cool, but I also think it is much harder than previous Dark Souls games. The Balder Knights (here called Lothric Knights) are really aggressive and they will destroy you unless you know how to tackle them. There is a Winged Halberd Knight that reminds me of Dragon Rider boss from Heide's Tower of Flame in Dark Souls 2, except that here it is just a regular enemy that respawns.

It is when you encounter a Lothric Knight with his back turned to you, that looks a bit suspicious this game really turns into Demon's Souls 2. He turns around and reveal his red eyes. And if you've played Demon's Souls, you know to fear those red eyes.

All in all this area has everything you could wish for in a Dark Souls starting area. There are a lot of ups and ins, secrets and alternative routes. You will unlock doors and get jump scares that even I was not prepared for.

You will encounter mystery, as a strange sect that seems to be all about decapitating ones head.

Headless cult of the church

In the end you will reach the boss, Vordt of the Boreal Valley. It reminds me a lot about the beast bosses of Bloodborne, as it moves on all four and start charging you in the second phase. Maybe Ludwig is the closest boss, but this is much much easier. All you need to do is to get up his groin and stab away.

This boss fight is not so iconic as I would say the ones in previous games. I don't really know any backstory to Vordt other than it was a knight that has this purpose to protect the castle gate.

Time to venture forth

What I don't like about the game so far is that it is leaning too much on previous installments and not really doing its own thing. I want new lore, new items, new things to amaze me. So far, it has been a sweet ride of nostalgica.