Completed the game

Dark Souls 3 is the fourth issue in a triology. This becomes more apparent with every step into this more and more familiar world. You're playing a "best of Souls" game with no major plot of its own. Instead it does it best to bring out the high point of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, and it does it really well.

If you can close your eyes for the unimaginative story in the macro scale, you can really enjoy the small tidbits you get from the various NPCs you meet throughout your adventure. The strength of story telling in Dark Souls 3 is through the individuals you meet, their motivations and where they end up.

In my case, I don't play Dark Souls 3 for the lore anymore, because Miyazaki has painted himself into a corner. There is no real place where the lore can expand, so all you can do is build an awesome game on top of the lore that was set in Dark Souls 1, yet still where the lore is lacking it is the best Souls game made up to this point.

Dark Souls 3 is good. My measurement for that is myself. I've finished the platinum trophy for all the Souls games, and this is the only one where I still feel like playing the game after completing the trophy. In all the other games I've been more than satisfied, but here I want to keep playing the game, and I create new characters with limitations to keep the challenge going.

Dark Souls 3 has been perfected in its game play by taking mechanics from Bloodborne and still going back to its early roots of Demon's Souls. Weapon arts makes the combat much more interesting, and it makes PvP a fun experience. You meet other players that rock weapons that you've never seen before and combinations you'd never thought about yourself.

The high point of this game is its bosses, were I dare to say it has the best bosses in the series. Only Bloodborne can measure up to the diversity and strength in the boss lineup. Some of the late game boss fights have a tad too much HP, but I really enjoy the many stages that boss fights have in this game, and more than once thought "this was an easy boss" just to be surprised by a full health bar in its second phase.

In a closing thought. I really enjoy this game, and it is a game that I will play many times ahead. It is said to be the last Dark Souls game, which is fine. Maybe Dark Souls 2 should've been the last Dark Souls game, but we still have two DLC's to enjoy for Dark Souls 3, and FromSoftware haven't let us down with their DLCs so far.

My rating: 5