Completed the game

Me and my son has been playing Super Mario World since he was 4 years old, so I thought that he would like this game, but I was uncertain about the difficulty.

This game is difficult, but it is fair. Each level is reasonably long, it has plenty of save points and the bosses aren't impossible. You can handle the bosses even if you don't play perfectly.

So me and my son started playing this game and he instantly fell in love with it. Even if I did most of the bosses at the beginning, once we started to get up to level 4, he could handle the bosses of level 1 and 2 by himself. Once we got to the end of the game, he would play almost every boss up to that point by himself, getting through the early stages without even dying.

I actually never thought that we would finish this game when we started, but thanks to my son and his obsession with Shovel Knight we got through it. It took us several months of playing but as the end credits rolled, and my son had finished his first game, it felt pretty good.

And do you know what his first question after finishing it was?
-Can we play it again?

My rating: 5