I played Driveclub PS+ edition when it was free with PS+ subscription and I found out that

a) I'm not very good at racing games
b) It only keeps me entertained for short bursts of time

However when I got my PlayStation VR headset I thought racing could be just the perfect application.

It is good.

It is a slimmed down version of the full Driveclub game where the tracks have been simplified to suit the more strained VR performance. However it does feel right, and when you sit in the car for the first time, looking around, it feels amazing. The first time you start to drift in that sharp turn, you can feel it in your stomach, and that feeling is just amazing.

Once you get over the VR feeling, it is just a racing game - a good racing game, but the reason you play it is to get your VR fix. Being in a racing car and driving the experience is the whole lure, and I think that's where Driveclub VR excels. As a racing game, again it doesn't hook me and after a few races I'm bored.

While trying this out on different people, some hade no problems at all, others got dizzy the first few rounds but got used to it. Only one had to abort the experience because he got naucious. So, make sure that you're not the nacious type before you invest in this. You can try the game on the VR demo disc before buying it.

My rating: 3