Completed the game

Everybody's looking for the VR killer app. I had already decided that I wanted a PlayStation VR headset without looking up what games there would be for the platform. The whole idea of VR is so intriguing to me, I must be part of the revolution.

The demo disc that was included with the headset contained some tastes for what VR could offer, but I heard that Rez was the ultimate VR game.

And boy! was I blown away when I first tried it.

It is hard to put into words what Rez is, and how it plays. It simply needs to be experienced. The graphics are not revolutionary but the art style is something out of this world. Combined with the music and with VR actually being inside the experience, it simply makes everything right.

Rez Infinite is a PlayStation 2 game that has been repurposed for VR. It is the same game as old Rez was, with the exception that you're now inside the experience.

However, there is an extra level that is called Area X. In order to play this you must first finish the game (or play for 1 hour) and then you can access Area X. This new level is made for the PlayStation 4 with updated graphics and I must say it is the closest thing I've got to a religious experience in gaming. I have never seen anything like it.

I don't think any game I've previously played can compete with the experience of Area X. VR has found its killer app.

My rating: 5