Completed the game

Why did I ever think that playing Fallout again would be a good idea? I didn't like the previous game, in what manner could I expect this one to be any better? Maybe I have changed, so that the game would suit me better. Well, no.

The good parts of Fallout 4 is definitely the world. It is huge and rich of content. Sure, it has a lot of repetition, but used in a sensible way. I like the way I can just stop in the middle of a mission to enjoy the vista, because at times this game's lookout points really shine. It might be because the rest of the game is a big brown/gray muck.

The world is the main character here and it is fascinating, but that is where it stops.

Why am I playing this game? Haven't I played this before? Isn't this exactly the same game that I played in 2008? I am not interested in playing the same story again, with the same fractions and the same plot, pretty much. Couldn't they have made a new game, instead of the same game all over?

One thing that was new is the crafting system where you can build your own home base. This doesn't interest me at all so I didn't put any attention to it. You will have to use it to complete the main story line, but it was not enough to make me irritated.

What makes me irritated are the bosses. They are awfully designed, no actually they are not designed at all. They are just reused character models with a huge amount of HP. What fun is that? This cornflakes guy, I feeded him a mini nuke and it only took away 1/3 of his health. At the end I had to take buffs that slows down time, so that I could unload several clips of ammo straight into his head in order to win. This is not a fun experience.

I hate the situations where the game just throws a huge amount of enemies at you with no control over how to tactically deal with it. I hate the way the game bugs out over and over and I have to reload a previous saves because it's a known bug. I hate the way this game wastes my time when I follow the map for 1 hour, just to find out that was a 1-way route in the other direction.

And I really hate the way I have to go to a guide to make sure that I actually finished the main story, and figure out that it was only part 1.

My rating: 1