Completed the game

So this is what started the whole controversy a game is not a game! I'm quite used to walking simulators by now, so I can play it without distaste, or awe or any particular emotion except the one this game is trying to convey.

Having played the other title from The Chinese Room, Everybody's gone to the rapture, this title is just as weird if not even more obtuse. The narrator you play, that tells the story is talking in riddles and more than often don't make much sense. The voice acting is however perfect and gives you a sense of whats going on even if not all the necessary words are there.

This game is stunning, with the deserted island, the horizon and the nature. I would have loved some more wildlife, birds in particular but I guess the team was on a budget.

As for the story I would have liked it to have some kind of twist. It all seemed pretty clear to me early on what had happened and why the narrator was on the island. The ending didn't come as the surprise the devs intended it to be.

The music and sound was fantastic and managed to really connect me with the game and the experience. I love they way The Chinese Room dare to let the music die down and let it be quiet. The effect when the music comes back on feels much more dramatic.

A few technical bits. The loading screens might have been necessary on an older system, but playing on a PS4 there should have been a way to load in the background. Also the fish eye effect on the camera made me slightly nauseous before I got used to it.

Finished the game in one sitting, 90 minutes and had a good time.

My rating: 3