Completed the game

How do I know that a game is good? When the credits roll and I start it up again right after.

In Resogun this is the way you play the game. The first play through will be done in a few hours and then you receive the trophy "You have completed basic training!" after you've finished the game. This is where the real Resogun begins.

It is actually the best imaginable tutorial. You have tried all the levels, defeated all the bosses and now you have to do it again - except it will be harder and you will have to use all the tools of your disposal in order to pull it off. First it will feel like a difficulty wall and then you will beat level after level until you're getting the hang of it.

This is clever. Completing the game at Rookie difficulty takes only a few hours but completing the same thing at Experienced is a much longer game. This really increases replayability, you will keep coming back for the challenge.

The game itself is a vertical shooter. As most good shooters it is very thrilling to play, have a high tempo and is very satisfying when you kill enemies.

The enemies in this game shoots very few projectiles, instead the enemies themselves are mostly the weapons homing in on you. You can only take one hit and then you die, so you have to make sure that nothing touches you. There are shields to mitigate that, bombs that clear the screen of all enemies, overload that kills everything you can aim at.

The innovative part of the game is that you're on a circular level, so you're always going round. You can choose to go left or right but you will always end up where you started. In the level you can collect and save humans which will provide you with power ups and other rewards.

I really liked this game. It feels good to play. It is hard but it is very fair and when you die you mostly know what you did wrong and what you should've done. The difficulty is just about right where you want to come back for one more after you've just died and have to start over.

I can really recommend this game if you're on PlayStation and have an itch for a good shooter.

My rating: 4