This is a cute coop game that is all about working together and contribute to a common goal. I've played a couple of these games with my son by now and we're really starting to get into the rhythm of working well together.

In this game you cook food. You get the veggies, hack 'em up, put them in a pot, cook them, put it on a plate and serve it. At times, one person is not able to do all of these things, instead you need to divide the work in order to conquer. It is quite fun and we sit in the sofa and shout things like "give more leek" and "give me a plate! give me a plate!". Its all fun.

However we have finished about half of the game and we don't feel that we can progress. Playing with a 6 year old makes this impossible as you need a constand flow of progression.

The reason we can't progress is that you need to collect stars. You get 1 star for finishing a level. 2 stars for hitting all the orders and 3 starts for a perfect play of that level. Then you use the stars to unlock new levels. Pretty much, you need at least 2 stars on each level in order to unlock everything.

It is very hard to get 2 stars on some levels as it seems like they are optimized for playing 3-4 persons instead of 2. This kills the fun for us as we've played our 1-star levels so many times they are not fun anymore and we can't move on.

I'm sad to say, we will not complete this game even if we very much would want to.

My rating: 2