The tearoom is an historical enactment of the prosecution of gay people in the 60's where police were arresting gay men for hooking up in a diner's rest room.

So the point of the game is to flirt with men in a rest room, while keeping a look out for the police to come in and bust you.

This game is very explicit in its sexual acts, even tough penises have been replaces with guns, which is kind of hilarious.

I like what Robert Yang is doing with this game, portraying what it's like to be prosecuted as a gay man through the game media. It is not a long game, we spent maybe 15 minutes with it, and I think that is enough for what the game is trying to convey.

Me and my wife tried to run this on her Mac Book Air, but the game was quite sluggish and would have run better on a more performant Mac. Even if it was a free game, I donated $5 to the developer, hoping he will continue making games like this.

My rating: 3