TrackMania Turbo is an arcade racing game. You start at point A and you're going to travel to point B fastest way possible. Between A and B there will be obstacles.

I'm not a racing fan, but this is clearly much different from ordinary racing games like DriveClub or Need For Speed. There is no degree of realism in this game, instead it is focused on making the game play fun.

It is fun! Even my wife that rarely play games think its fun. My son is starting to become really good at it as well. But it is hard. Just getting through certain levels is hard, and then we have the whole medal system. This is where the game breaks for me.

You unlock more levels by completing previous levels and getting awarded a medal. You get a bronze medal for getting through the level at a normal pace. If you're really good you get a silver medal and if you play the level perfectly you might get a gold medal.

At first you only need bronze medals in order to unlock the next set of levels, but after 80 levels you will need silver medals on all previous once. And in the end you will need gold medals on all 160 previous track in order to be able to play track 161.

This is not fun. Using difficulty as a mean to lock away portions of the game is a really stupid idea.

Chasing high scores and getting better and better at a track should be an optional thing in a game, not a requirement in order to progress. I guess it would be fine if the requirements for getting a gold medal wouldn't be so ridiculous.

Certain tracks have different surfaces. Sometimes you drive on asphalt, others in gravel. The worst is driving on the beach, because your car becomes unstearable. Once you choose to turn the wheel you need to turn exactly the amount needed in order to make a perfect corner. Otherwise your car will spin out of control as soon as you try to correct the angle. The sensitivity in these controls are so high that it all turns luck based. You can try do the same thing 10 times and succeed the 11th try just because you were lucky enough to time it right. You would still not be able to do it again a 12th time.

I hate luck based game play.

So, I reached track 88 out of 200 and decided that I will not continue playing this because it gives me more hurt than satisfaction. I can recommend playing the first 80 tracks and getting bronze medals on those, but anything beyond is just self inflicted pain.

Oh, and I just remembered. I bought this game because it has PSVR support. It is just there as a gimmick. They have crafted a few extra levels for PSVR in order to make it a cool show case but the gameplay is not really there. As a PSVR demo I think it is ok.

My rating: 2