Completed the game

Superhot is the most innovative first person shooter ever made.

So the game tells us to tell our friends. Of course it's with an amount irony, but I think this game wants to take itself seriously even if it's non serious on the surface.

The premise of this game is well known. Time crawls when you're still and it moves when you move. The goal is to eliminate all the red guys in the level without getting killed.

The innovative part of this is however not very innovative. We've seen it before in other games, but more as a puzzle mechanic than the base mechanic for the whole game. However, it works during the span of the game, which is not very long. I finished it in just above two hours, and for that short amount of time the base mechanic is still interesting.

The game feels very much like Portal to me with its scaled down aesthetics, short puzzle levels and even the narrative. There is a "god voice" that is controlling this world and controlling you by making you do things. I liked it in Portal and I like it here. The difference is that in Portal each puzzle has one way it is meant to be solved, in Superhot each level is decided by how well you've learnt to deal with the game play. Sometimes a bit of luck is also needed to get that bullet to connect or have an enemy behind you miss.

This game is fine. I don't think it's such a big deal as everyone thought it was when it released. I enjoyed it and if you liked Portal you'll most likely like this too.

My rating: 3