Completed the game

I gave Until Dawn a "good" rating, so is this game just as good? I would say no, but it's still good within its own genre.

Rush of Blood is a rails shooter in the literal sense. You sit in a cart that travels on a rail track and once and a while something peeps out and says boo!

It always gets me. I jump sky high, but even if this game manages to scare you and give you an adrenaline boost, it is not a very frightening game. The scary feeling doesn't linger. In that sense the original Until Dawn was much more frighting.

I like the arcade feel of this game. It is not about managing ammo or being strategic with your choice of weapon. This game is just about shooting things and in the end it measures how well you shot things to give you an incentive to go back and do better. I like that.

Another thing I like is going back to the Until Dawn setting, the places and the themes. I liked that game and I don't mind that they take the whole concept and ridicule it as a rails shooter. It is fine because it is fun.

I think the aiming works much better in this game with PS Move than it did in Farpoint with the rifle controller. You get a flashlight on each weapon that helps you aim (and is fun to play around with). When the flashlight gets hard to see because of the lightning, it becomes impossible to aim, but that only happens with the end boss (whoops!).

I don't like it when I can't see where I'm getting attacked from. The game assumes that you should be looking left because there are sounds coming that way, but I'm looking straight ahead and can't see where I'm getting attacked from.

I don't like instant kills that some of the bosses have. I don't like bosses that can take huge amount of hits. I don't like playing with my neck, avoiding things by leaning this way and that. I don't like that I die repeatedly on the bosses even though I'm playing on the easiest difficulty setting. I don't want to be challenged. I just want to shoot things and get scared.

Anyway, if you have a PSVR and could enjoy some shooting and jump scares, you should look into this game. It is only a few 2-3 hours long, so it will not take too much of your time and it is quite fun. It is however not a VR game that makes you go out buy a headset.

My rating: 3