Completed the game

I imagine a board room meeting where old people in worn out suits trying to figure out how to release the PlayStation VR. Well, we must have games, what games are we going to have? Didn't Supermassive make a game for our failed toy, the PlayStation Move? Yes! Let's remake Tumble into Tumble VR.


This is a tired concept. Let's use the gimmick of VR and Move to create a game where you build towers. Let's throw in some lazer pussles to make it more interesting.

On paper, this game is not very fun. In reality the game is quite frustrating. Every time you pick up a block it spins in a direction that you really don't want it. There is no good way of spinning it right without twisting your elbow inside out.

You get presented with 3 zones of levels but once you've completed zone 2, a zone 4 is revealed. I quickly researched how many levels there were as I hate it when games are longer than I anticipate.

None of the puzzles are very hard. I finished all the 78 puzzles without watching YouTube. It was only puzzle 79 that required hidden blocks, where I had to look them up on the internet. Quite a frustrating concept.

Still, I came back and did all the puzzles. Not only that - I got gold medal on all the puzzles - so I guess there is some value in this game, even if it's far from my favorites this year.

My rating: 2