Completed the game

I would never chose to play this game, unless my son forced me to. Of course I could say no, but that wouldn't be fair as we played the two predecessors.

This time the game is in 3D, and at a first glance it is catastrophic, but most of the game actually plays as a 2D platformer. It would benefit from not going full 3D, but doing 2.5D, where you could move in and out of the picture, but action would happen from left to right.

The last two games were buggy. This game is ultra buggy. Pontius gets stuck with his shield up all the time, and the only way to get it down is doing a shield bash. I have fallen through the ground at several occasions and sometimes I'm just standing in the middle of the air.

Again we're playing this coop and the camera is bat shit crazy. It always focuses on the wrong person. Even if one player is dead, the camera can choose to focus on the dead player instead of the one that is alive and out of picture.

The story is crap, but we're used to it by now and tried to ignore it as far as we could. What threw me off was the game's ending where the game stops before all story parts are concluded. It is obvious that the developer ran out of money and decided to end it at 2/3 of the way. "Congrats you found two thirds of the jabba-dabba and now! credits!"

Another thing that I really didn't like was the collecting of triangles. You must collect a certain amount of triangles across the level in order to proceed. Otherwise you will not unlock the next chapter. This means that you will need to go back and play the levels again in search for triangles in order to continue. The levels have no replayability so this is completely waste of time.

I must mention that I liked the levels that took part inside a book. I thought it was innovative level design and I really liked the gimmick with the book turning pages as you progress.

My rating: 1