Completed the game

It's a bit ironic that I started The Unfinished Swan but didn't finish it for ages. I got stuck in a room, couldn't find my way out, and just got tired of it. The story nor the game play didn't inspire me, so I just quit.

A few days ago I scrolled through my game library and came across The Unfinished Swan and wondered how come I never finished it. It can't be that long, why not just push through? So I installed it and started playing, and found out that it was still just boring, but once I forced myself through that chapter and came to the next, the game picked up and introduced new concepts as well as making the story more interesting.

So this time around I did finish The Unfinished Swan and it was no more than a few hours long. In the end I must say that I enjoyed it. It was one of those games that managed to change my opinion of it as I played.

It does use its main gimmick "you're blind and have to paint the world to see" much too often. I find the whole balloon collecting very immersive breaking and the platforming is strange. It feels like I'm floating next to a wall when I'm climbing.

The graphics are very simple, which doesn't bother me at all because I really like the art style. Music and sounds are all fine and the story is neat.

All in all I thought this game was good. Try it out if you have a few hours to kill.

My rating: 3