Completed the game

When I heard that The Curse of Monkey Island was up on Stream, I just had to play it. This is a 20 year old game that I loved playing when I was young. I wanted to play it again to find out how it holds up. Is it still as good as I remembered it?

Guess what? It is! When I compare this game with all the games I played since then, it is a master piece. The script is fantastic and makes me laugh out loud several times, even it I ought to know it by heart.

The graphics are really good. Sure, the game has quite a low resolution so it is a bit jaggy around the edges, but the art style is among the best I've seen. I mean, it doesn't seem like they reuse assets anywhere. Every scene is a complete master work.

What also hits me is that most games show their strengths in the beginning, and then they get less and less interesting as it goes along. This is because the initial vision was greater than there was budget for. This game feels like a quality production all the way through.

The only thing that feels a bit old is the insult duels in the middle. It has too much repetition that you seldom see in games of today.

This game is absolutely up on my top 10 of greatest games of all time. It is an undead classic.

My rating: 5