Completed the game

I beat the big bad nightmare and the credits roll, but I’m not nearly done with this game. I immediately start playing the race levels that the ending unlocked like nothing happened. This is what separate great games from the good ones. You’re not finished when the credits roll, you start NG+1 or a new character because you need more.

Rayman Legends is addictive. It’s something about collecting Teensies and the positive feedback the game gives you as you progress. I originally bought the game for my son, because it felt like a game that would really suit him in terms of aesthetics but also challenge. In the end I was so drawn in I had to start playing it myself on a separate save file.

I hate the speed running challenges. They seem so arbitrarily hard. Some of them I nail immediately and others seem almost impossible. However when I beat one it feels so good, so I don’t really hate them. But I don’t think the controls are precise enough for some of its challenges.

This is a great coop game. Most of the times it works great to have two characters on the screen at one time. Sometimes the camera screws up the flow because it tries to fit both characters on the screen but I’m mostly annoyed about my son running away from me leaving me behind as I try to 100% everything.

The game is funny, it got me laughing out loud at times. It looks incredible and the levels are fun. Sometimes there are too much repetition but it’s not a big issue.

I 100% the main story line in about 10 hours and that is just long enough. I’m glad it was not longer and still I’m glad that there is more optional content to play.

Good stuff! Go play it!

My rating: 4