Completed the game

Batman is a Telltale game, and if you've played Telltale games before you know the drill. If not, let me enlighten you.

The game is more cut scenes than game. You will watch a series of animations and somewhere in between you will be asked to do a few actions. "Press X to continue" It is not very fun and you can pretty much play it with one hand while browsing your phone with the other. This game requires very little engagement from you.

In order for this game to really excel, it would need a kick ass story that would really draw me in. But it fails at this. The story is not very interesting, the narrative is such a trope-fest that I cringe at it, and let's not analyze the dialogue any further.

You can describe it as a Batman "best of" as they try to squeeze in every recognizable character into the game without much sense for them being there. I would love it if they would instead focus on one antagonist and build a great narrative around that one. Now it just becomes one large mess as they try to figure out how each character's motivation fits into this story.

I like the graphics. I think that the cell shaded graphics fits the Batman motif very well. What really bugs me is the amount of loading screens and that I get regular lags. If they can make this game run on Android and PS3, it shouldn't lag on a PS4. That is just bad optimization.

The sound design is not great. At times it is just awkward silence, as if the music disappeared and you only get sound effects. Things like footsteps stand out tremendously when there is no other sound going on in the scene.

There is very little game play. Most of it is fighting scenes with quick time events. They try to simulate detective work where you walk around, looking at things and then connect them by drawing lines between items. That is the extent of it. I think that I would feel more like Batman if I could play as Batman instead of just reacting to button notices on the screen. Maybe I would've liked the game better.

Truth be told, I didn't have any high expectations going into this game. I did it to collect trophies for the Sony competition Days of Play and I know that Telltale hand out trophies like candy.

Since my expectations were so low, I thought the game was ok as I finished it. But then when I started analyzing my experience the only good thing I find about the game is that it's short. It just gets away with so much for being Telltale, so my expectations were already at the bottom.

Unless you're a hardcore Batman fan, or just trophy hunting. Stay away from this game.

My rating: 1