Completed the game

I played the critically acclaimed game Undertale, that was on many game journalists GOTY the year of its release 2015, and I am underwhelmed.

I like what the game is trying to do. It is breaking the conventions of modern role-playing games and making fun of our preconceptions. That is all great! It succeeds in creating a box for its own set of rules and then working outside of that box and even making fun of itself. That is also fine. It manages to make me laugh out loud, at the game and at myself. That is pretty rare.

The game is building up from the start that you don’t have to kill any enemy, and still it rewards you with experience and levels for doing just that. It makes for an interesting psychological conflict, but once you reach endgame and can’t kill the bosses because you haven’t leveled enough it all falls flat. The last bosses are so hard that it gets increasingly frustrating and I go from liking the game to really hating it. When I reach the last monster and it tries to make fun of end bosses being too hard, I’m so irritated of the game that it feels like mockery. I just keep pressing X to make it end, not enjoying it at all anymore.

So, maybe if you’re a different person than me you’ll enjoy this game more. To me it only causes frustration and anger, while I understand what the game tries to do, I can’t get myself to a state were I appreciate it.

My rating: 2