Completed the game

This is a small nugget, a teaser for Life is Strange 2. It tells the story of Chris, trying to survive and grow up in a home where is mother has passed away and his father is an alcoholic.

It’s just like 2 hours long but I think it is enough to really create an emotional bond with Chris. Dontnod once again makes really good story telling that is pushing all my buttons.

What I miss about the game is that there is not a clear objective. You just wake up and it seems like a normal day in the life of Chris and Captain Spirit. That could be a strength of this game, but for me it is a weakness.

The puzzles were a bit too hard and I had to check some up on a walkthrough. How the heck anyone would figure out Chris’s fathers phone pin is beyond me.

This was a good experience, I’m looking forward to Life is Strange 2.

My rating: 3