Completed the game

I finished my first Mario game!

Nintendo has never been my jam. I didn’t grow up with NES or SNES in the 80’s like many others, instead I was into home computers like the Amiga.

I tried to like the Wii. I bought a dance mat and I gave Super Mario Galaxy a real shot, but I found it weird and boring. It was hard to control, messy and the graphics were pretty ugly compared to the PS3.

So it is quite surprising that I invest in a Nintendo Switch and that my first game is Super Mario Odyssey. But that is the game that I know my family will enjoy so it was an easy pick. More surprising is that I actually liked it, and played it to the end.

This game is very polished. You notice it in the details. Like Mario freezing on the ice planets if you haven’t given him warm clothes. It has no game mechanics implication. It is just polish. It is noticeable that they have spent huge amount of time on this game. The levels are splendid, the environments are great and gameplay is diverse. Each level has something new to bring, and it makes it interesting all the way through.

What I don’t like is the reuse of bosses, the Broodals. I think they are unimaginative and boring. They come back three times with variations, and that’s just blergh.

Sometimes the game is too slow. Both the storytelling but also the gameplay. I compare it with latest Ratchet & Clank reboot which is a much faster game and I think does the 3D platforming much better. I had a lot of problems jumping on things or catching stuff in the air. If it was because of bad 3D platforming or because of Switch’s mini controls I’m not sure, but missing platforms and falling to your death because it was hard to sense the distance between you and your target in 3D, is never fun.

All in all a fun experience that I heartily recommend, even though I will not go back to catch all the power moons.

My rating: 4