Completed the game

Hellblade is a tale about Senua, a druidic warrior, to fight her way into the underworld to retrieve the soul of her beloved Dillion that died in a Viking raid.

Senua is plagued by a darkness within herself, and this shows itself as voices that is constantly speaking to her. Some of the voices are just variations of herself, others are manifestations of people she have met, her mother, father, Dillion and a druid named Druth.

The voices guides her on her quest, but they also play tricks on her and during battles they give you help like "behind you" indicating that you should roll away.

This game is extremely beautiful, and horrific. There are piles of burnt corpses everywhere, and still when the sun breaks through the darkness it is some of the most beautiful views in a video game.

The game play is exploration, puzzle solving and fighting. The exploration part is so strong that this could easily been a walking simulator, the puzzles are fun at the start, but they start to get a bit samey by the end. I really didn't like the fighting from the start, but as the game progressed I liked it more and more. Also here they could found a bit of progression as it doesn't really develop the second part of the game.

The story of this game is awesome, the atmosphere is awesome, the dialogue, the characters, the landscape and the levels, they are all awesome and this is what makes me give the game my highest grade. The experience of playing this was incredible and I love that they didn't make it too long, it was just the right length.

Go play this now!

My rating: 5