Completed the game

The game starts out with an old man watching the sea, when the mailman arrives. The mailman has a letter the old man reads, and heads into his cabin to pack his stuff and be on his way.

This game is about the old man and his journey back to a different life that he once knew. Along the way you get glimpses about the man’s life and important turning points. Why did he end up all alone in a cabin by the sea?

The game does not feature any dialogue. Instead it tells its story through these images. The art design of this game is fantastic, and I get really moved by the old man’s tale. It makes you question your own life decisions and think about what you will regret once you turned into an old man.

In order to make this a game they added puzzle elements where you need to shift perspective of the environment in order for the old man to proceed. I think this is completely unnecessary and it stands in the way of story telling. The puzzles gets boring very quickly and quite a drag even though the whole game is just 1,5 hours long.

This game is clearly intended for touch screens. I played it on the Nintendo Switch and it doesn’t utilise the Switch in any good way at all. Instead you get a hand on the screen that you can control with the twin sticks. The feedback from interacting with the environment is pretty poor. Sometimes I have no idea what I did in order to make the story progress, it just did. Instead of the boring puzzles they could have make more things in the environment interactive. Maybe tell some side story along the man’s journey.

For its short length I think it was worth playing, and I would recommend it if you’re looking for a visually stunning story that will emotionally reach out and touch you.

My rating: 3