Completed the game

I hated The Last of Us. I could not fathom what other gamers saw in it. Despite that, I was convinced that Left Behind was something I ought to play.

It starts off well with two parallel stories about Ellie, one during the events of The Last of Us and the other before the events of that game.

I really enjoy the start of the game, getting to know Ellie and Riley, exploring the mall together, however it all gives me an itch. They don’t seem worried at all to run into zombies even though the threat always seem imminent. Their tempers don’t match the world they live in and I don’t find the mall itself credible. The story and the parts they play are so predictable and since it is so short it never takes off, there are no twists or pay offs. It just is, and I find that very disappointing.

I had just forgotten how much I hated the fighting in The Last of Us. It is the usual Uncharted bullshit of waves upon waves of enemies, grab attacks and instakills. You shoot a guy 4 times in the head for him to die, it is ludicrous. Every time I die I get increasingly frustrated as I just want to complete the game and care nothing for the fighting.

So it all ends exactly where I’m expecting it to. Nothing more and nothing less. No surprises, only exactly what we bargained for, and that makes me profoundly disappointed.

My rating: 2