Completed the game

Whoa! What just happened? Those allegedly 4 hours went by in an instant.

Gris is an extremely polished experience. It is artistically very beautiful, maybe the most beautiful game I’ve played but it is also a very well made game. Why? Because I never wonder where to go. I never misjudge what is an interactive element. I just go and the game guides my instincts.

That is really polished.

This game does not deal with bullshit. It is 4 hours long and it never repeats the same trick twice. It keeps reinventing itself right up until the end and that is so refreshing. This game will not waste your time.

You cannot die. The game does not deal with that bullshit. Instead you might loose a few seconds if you miss a jump. The game wants to move you forward through the experience so death would just be an unnecessary obstacle.

This game has puzzles but they are intuitive and they will not block your path. Instead they act as a fresh break of moving forward. Sometimes you have a branching path, and in these cases the game makes it easy to go back after solving each part of a puzzle.

The story is all told through the environment. It’s not precisely clear to me what is happening except that it is painful and I really sit on edge through the whole game.

I think people should halt their early GOTY lists, because this is masterfully done.

My rating: 5