Completed the game

This game has an important message. It tries to tell us what it’s like escaping a country that is a threat to your life and seek asylum in a world that is so different from your own. People look strange, your job seem meaningless, religion is foreign and customs seems weird.

In order to get asylum you need to prove that you were prosecuted where you came from, you need to prove that you’re no terrorist and that you’re hard working.

I love this idea. It is great! The game is however not so great.

First it is painfully dark. It is so dark I cannot see where I am going, I cannot see important doors and items. I don’t mind that the game looks crappy, but not being able to see and not being able to adjust brightness really bothers me.

Controls are too sensitive on the Switch. I had trouble controlling the character which was a major pain where you needed to complete tasks before a timeout.

There is also a lot of reading going on in this game and it is not adjusted to the small Switch screen at all. I can hardly read the letters and there is no way to zoom.

In the end the game bugged out in the last room and wouldn’t give me the last prompt so I couldn’t finish it. Since the game has no save slots I would need to replay the whole thing (just 1 hour) in order to try to get past the bug.

I get that this is not intended to be the best possible game. It intends to be a comment on immigration and the experience of being a refugee in a foreign country, a hostile and unfriendly place where you need to prove your usefulness in order to achieve asylum.

If you want to get that message through, you need to provide a friendlier experience that is actually playable and that doesn’t bug out at the very last end.

My rating: 1