Completed the game

You are Hans. It is your tenth birthday. Sadly you are poor, so your mother couldn’t afford giving you any presents, nor any cake or anything. Since you are a grown man, 10 years old you say “fuck this shit” to your mother and then go out on adventure to find your fortune.

This is the game. It is like an old school LucasArts adventure but set in a Zelda: Link to the Past gameplay. There is no fighting, but you need to avoid enemies and make sure they can’t see you.

The graphics is pixel based retro style and it works well. The sound is quite bare bone, and the music is very simple but does the job well.

The story and the puzzles are the excellent parts of this game. You have adorable characters and really weird ones. The dialogue is really good so I want to read every note I find.

All in all it is a good game with a good story. I didn’t pay much for this game either but it was really worth it.

My rating: 3