Completed the game

This is the second game from the developer of Gone Home. I liked Gone Home. I wasn’t head over heels about it but I thought it was good. This game is much better.

This game is set in what looks like an abandoned space station called Tacoma. You are there with a mission to retrieve the station’s AI, and figure out what happened to the crew.

It sound like the perfect setup for a horror game but this game is not scary at all. You walk around the station, watching recordings of the crew, reading notes, letters and slowly get a picture of who these people were and what happened to them.

I don’t find the game exciting, but I do find it intriguing. I want to know more about the crew and I start to care. The game does a good job of character building both of the humans and the ever present station AI.

The game looks good, I like the aesthetics of the space station and there are a lot of details. The developers have really thought about what it would be like living on a space station and I appreciate that. The sound effects are cool but I can’t remember if the game has music.

I think the game lacks in narrative. It focuses completely on the characters and character building and forgets to tell a story. Each character has their own background to discover, and there is a small plot, but I really miss something moving me forward. I miss getting a goal and reaching it. What I think I’m trying to say is that I hoped the story would be more like SOMA.

It thought this was good but I was not surprised nor excited by the end. The game left me with a good feeling. It is a true walking simulation. You walk around, push a few buttons, listen and read. There are hardly any puzzles to speak of. In that sense it is very much like Everybody’s gone to the rapture but missing that great narrative.

My rating: 3