Completed the game

This is a pretty fun indie game where you drop stuff into a hole. As you drop stuff into the hole it gets bigger and you can drop larger stuff into the hole until you can drop whole houses into the hole.

The story goes that your whole town has dropped into the hole and you’re playing the experiences of the town citizens, of that happened as they got dropped down the hole.

The story is mostly an excuse for the fun game mechanic. The dialogue is somewhat funny but there is a bit too much emphasis on the story, that should really stay out of the way for the gameplay.

It is quite irritating that you cannot skip the cut scenes. My son has no interest in them at all as he doesn't speak English, but he finds the game play fun. It's also strange to control a pointer in the cut scenes that easily could have been removed by browsing through the buttons.

What I like about this is that my 4yo saw this game and wanted to play it immediately. He understood the mechanics and its controls intuitively without any explanation. Most games require that you are really familiar with the controls and that you can act fast in a pressed situation. In this game you can take your time and it is surprisingly satisfying dropping things into holes.

It is not the next Assassins Creed or God of War, but it is a short little indie pearl that takes two hours from start to finish, and that will make you smile.

My rating: 3