Completed the game

The floor is glue. Indeed it is. In Dandara you cannot walk around. Your only option on moving is by jumping from floor to ceiling to wall to another wall to ceiling and so forth. And it is quick. Actually movement is so quick it is in part what makes it so good.

Still the platforming is not reaction based. Instead it requires very deliberate movement and reading the patterns of your enemies. Partly you need to avoid them, and partly you need to destroy them. In your arsenal you have a gun with very short range, but you also have special weapons that requires energy but does much more damage.

The combat is not Dandara’s strong parts, but the tactical parts of it works very well when it comes to bosses. You’re required to move in a pattern and find a weakness to exploit. It sound like hard work, but it never gets too hard. A bit challenging at times.

What really shines is the exploration and the atmosphere. Because this game is thick of it. The sounds, the strange creatures and the mysterious dialogue makes this game interesting and I want to know more. The story and the world is driving me forward and makes the game hard to put down. You want to see what’s coming in the next screen.

The game was just perfect length. It took me almost 7 hours to complete and when I was done, I didn’t really feel satisfied. I wanted more, and that is a great feeling to have at the end of a game.

If you like a good metroidvania, please go check out Dandara.

My rating: 4