Completed the game

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this game since it came out, and it has been little of an indie darling. A pixel adventure that focuses on story and exploration. There is a puzzle mechanic but that is mostly there for show.

The story centers around a dying old man, and two scientists that travel through his memories with hopes of trying to fulfil the man’s last wish, going to the moon. The story is good, a bit touching, but the writing is lacking. The dialogue between the two scientists is tacky and disconnected from the situation they are in. They drag out the story far too long by revisiting the same scene several times, which is unnecessary and only makes the game longer.

The graphics kind of confuses me, because sometimes it is gorgeous, like when the artist has been painting backgrounds. Then the indoor environments are sometimes so blocky that you cannot make out what’s what. It doesn’t help that the controls are awful (on the Switch) and it is hopelessly hard to navigate the environments.

The music is nice but very repetitive. The game also makes a comment about it, but it is not funny as most of the jokes that the game tries to make. Another thing that annoyed me is that the game is very simple - you could load it all into memory at once. But still the game needs loading screens when switching from one scene to another.

The game play is almost non existent. It is more of a walking simulator. You go around pressing A on all the things and some of those you can interact with and get a response. In the beginning there are puzzles to solve, but after about half the game they suddenly stop. There is no real reason for the puzzles to be there, and while they count how fast you can solve them, it is never summarised or used in any way.

I must say I was quite disappointed. I was expecting more. Still it was a pleasant story and something that you can endure the 4 hours it took to play it through.

My rating: 2