Completed the game

It took me way longer to finish the Untitled Goose Game than it should have, mostly because I have lots of commitments both at work and outside of work that takes precedent.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this game without really understanding what it’s about. You are a goose and you fuck with people. I imagined it would be some kind of open world playground like Goat Simulator, but instead it is a very linear progression. For each area you enter you get a list of tasks to perform like “make the old man fall on his bum” and when the old man tries to sit on the stool you pull it away so he falls on his ass.

That is quite entertaining.

When you’ve completed enough tasks that messes with people a new area opens up.

The controls are quite simple. You walk around, grab things with your beak and honk at people. It is the world that is interesting with people going about their business and you messing it up for them. I like the way that people in the world react to the goose and how they interact with each other. It is quite neat.

The graphics are simple but effective. Typical vector graphics in a 3D space like Donut County.

This game had me quite lukewarm and I felt that it was quite a disappointment and overpriced. It only lasted a few hours and it didn’t amuse me much. Then I came to the ending, and without giving it away, it nicely tied the game together.

It you want a relaxed puzzle game, this is definitely it. Just be prepared that it won’t blow you away, despite being an indie darling.

My rating: 3